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A holiday in Tuscany Farmhouse is an excellent opportunity to learn about the traditions of this beautiful region of Italy. At any time you choose to visit Tuscany , you will certainly find some events to attend, especially in the months from June to September. Many of these events have a long tradition that has been handed down for years, others are more recent, but still very expected. Here we suggest a list of not-to-be-missed events that are held every year in Tuscany and we recommend that you participate if you are in the area.

Palio of Siena

A world-famous event, the Palio di Siena takes place every year in Siena in two days, the 2nd of July and the 16th of August . The Palio is an exciting horse race that takes place in Piazza del Campo and sees the 17 districts of the city challenge each other. On the day of the race the whole day is dedicated to the event. In the morning, in the Chapel next to the Palazzo Comunale, the "Mass of the jockey" is celebrated by the Archbishop. Immediately after, in Piazza del Campo, the last test race takes place, the "provaccia". Then, in the Town Hall, the "signing of the jockeys" is carried out, which from now on can not be replaced. In the afternoon, in each district the blessing of the horse takes place and then begins the great historical parade composed of more than 600 participants.

Luminara di San Ranieri in Pisa

The Luminara di San Ranieri is a town festival that dates back to 1688 and is held every year in Pisa on the evening of June 16 , the eve of San Ranieri, patron saint of the city and during the so-called Pisano June . At dusk, about 100,000 lumini go to draw the architectural forms of churches, palaces and towers of the Lungarni, in addition to the Tower of Pisa in Piazza dei Miracoli. A unique and very suggestive show that ends with a fireworks display .

Florentine Historical Football in Florence

The Calcio Storico Fiorentino is a game of ancient origins that combines rugby, boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling . It is a challenge between the four districts of Florence whose ending is held every year on June 24th , the Feast of the Patron, in Piazza Santa Croce . The prize consists of a white Chianina calf. The challenge is preceded by a parade in historical costumes that runs through the streets of the center from Piazza Santa Maria Novella to Piazza Santa Croce. The day ends with festivities and events on the banks of the Arno and a fireworks display in Piazzale Michelangelo.

Scoppio del Carro in Florence

The Scoppio del Carro is a fascinating tradition of about 350 years ago, which every year resumes life in Florence during Easter Sunday . It consists of a pyrotechnical tower positioned on a cart, pulled by two oxen through the streets of Florence to Piazza del Duomo , where it stops and waits for the start of mass. At the height of the ceremony, the archbishop lights a dove-shaped rocket from the altar of the cathedral, which, through a cord mechanism, runs through the central nave of the church and reaches the wagon outside, causing it to explode. Along its path, the Chariot is accompanied by a procession with percussionists and flag-wavers in historical clothes.

Giostra del Saracino in Arezzo

The Giostra del Saracino is an ancient tournament that takes place in Piazza Grande , Arezzo on the evening of the third Saturday in June and the afternoon of the first Sunday in September . The game consists in the race of 8 costumed knights, two for each district of the city, against a puppet representing the Saracen, trying to hit the shield with the lance. The winner receives a gold spear as a prize. Before the start of the carousel, along the streets of the city, a historic parade takes place that ends right in Piazza Grande.

Bravio delle Botti in Montepulciano

The Bravio delle Botti is a challenge that is held every year in Montepulciano between the 8 districts of the country, the last Sunday of August . It is an exciting race that takes place along the main streets of the city and sees two athletes pushing a barrel for a path of about 1700 meters starting from the Column of Marzocco and arriving in Piazza Grande .

Carnival of Viareggio

The 144-year-old Viareggio Carnival is one of the most beautiful and important carnivals in Italy and in the world. Every year in the month of February , on the seafront, the spectacular papier-mâché floats parade the caricatures of popular characters. A whole month of celebration, with parades of wagons, local festivals, masked balls and reviews of various kinds.

Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago

Every summer, during the months of July and August , at the Torre del Lago , in the city where Giacomo Puccini lived, near Lucca and Pisa , the Puccini Festival takes place. Born in 1930, over the years the Festival has become a prestigious event for opera lovers and others, who can listen to the works of Puccini interpreted by the most famous opera singers, conducted by important conductors in the frame of the Gran Teatro all'Aperto on the shores of Lake Massaciuccoli.

Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino is an annual festival of operas, concerts, ballets and prose shows founded in 1933 that still today offers an interesting billboard with shows in the most evocative places of the city. It is the oldest and most prestigious European festival, born as a triennial event, but has become an annual event for music lovers since 1937.

Lucca Summer Festival in Lucca

The Lucca Summer Festival is a musical event held every year in Lucca , during the month of July, since 1998. The Festival is a highly anticipated event that attracts thousands of people every year and which hosts the most illustrious names of Italian music and international. The concerts are held within the historic walls of the city, in the setting of Piazza Napoleone and a few years away from these, as the historic concert of the Rolling Stones of 2017.

Pistoia Blues in Pistoia

Pistoia Blues is one of the longest-running music festivals in Italy that over the years has hosted true legends of international music on the stage of PiazzaDuomo in Pistoia . Today the Festival also sees rock and metal bands performing, but keeps its soul blues and continues to be one of the key events of the Pistoia summer and music lovers.

Now you know what events you can not miss, so you just have to choose between our farms, B & B, Holiday Homes, Apartments and Villas in Tuscany the structure that suits you and participate in some of the most important Tuscan events!

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