Bed and Breakfast in Italy

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Holidays in Bed and Breakfast in Italy

The Bed and Breakfast is an extra-hotel tourist activity in which the individual or the family who owns a house or some free rooms offers overnight stays and breakfast to tourists.

Teh B&B is a form of accommodation that originated in the 20s between the Irish and English families who decided to accommodate travellers and whoever needed it, for a fee, in the rooms left empty by the children who had decided to move to look for work elsewhere, in order to supplement your income.

First spread in the English-speaking countries, and arrived in Europe in the '60s, the formula of the B&B is now established internationally. The services offered have increased, as have the promotional channels, but the spirit, beyond the economic motivations, has remained the same: welcoming people from all over the home and offering them a warm welcome.

Farmhouse in a Bed and Breakfast in Italy: family size

The plus of the Bed and Breakfast is the fact of living in a family allows you, to get in touch with the locals and share part of their daily life in a genuine climate, discover little known places and receive excellent advice about where to go and what to visit in the surrounding area.

If you prefer to live an authentic and non-standardized experience, as are often those offered by hotels, and you are ready to share culture and traditions with a local family, the Farmhouse in a B&B is the one for you. These structures can be found both in the countryside and close to the cities, making them ideal even if you plan a cultural holiday in a farm in the city of art like Florence or Siena.

Farmhouse in a Bed and Breakfast in Italy: normative

The Bed & Breakfasts are governed by regional laws that refer to the Law March 29, 2001, n.135 / 2001 on the Reform of national tourism legislation. In any case, it must be a family-run business, that is, managed by individuals within their own home and residence, or the place where they usually live, with annual or seasonal opening periods and with alimited number of rooms and beds, according to regional laws or specific municipal regulations.

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