Lombardy Italy Farmhouses and farm holidays - farmhouses and apartment rentals in the Lombardy Italy countryside

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Accommodation in Lombardy

Lombardy may offer many occasions for spending unforgettable holidays surrounded by nature. One could be Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, formed under the action of a glacier, which extends further to Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. You may enjoy a relaxing holiday on Garda Lake, surrounded by a Mediterranean oasis of citrus, olive trees and vineyards. Its unusual, mild climate and the amazing landscape were appreciated even by the Roman poet Catullo, who built his villa near Sirmione (a town on the lake) which is known as Grotte di Catullo.

Besides Garda Lake, there are many other tourist destinations in Lombardy if you want to spend a holiday on lake: Lake Maggiore and Lake Como (maybe on that branch of Lake Como where the novel The Betrothed is set) just to mention a few.

Lombardy doesn't mean only holiday on lakes: if you like spending your vacation surrounded by impressive mountains, then you'll be spoilt for choice among all the beautiful location that this region may offer: Alps and Prealps along the northern borderline, and Ligurian Appennins further south the Oltrepò Pavese. A mountain holiday in Lombardy then gives you the chance to choose among popular tourist destinations such as Bormio, located in Valtellina and well renowned for both its ski resorts and its thermal baths.