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Themed Holidays is a list of some of the thematic pages dedicated to the world of holidays in contact with nature.

  • Accomodation with swimming pool

    Accomodation with swimming pool

    Are you planning to spend a holiday in the Italian countryside and you don't want to give a refreshing bath up? Have a look at this page, Agriturismo.net has selected for you the best Farmhouses with pool, Villas with pool, Apartments with pool and B&B with pool. Why should you choose to spend...

  • Farmhouse with swimming pool

    Farmhouse with swimming pool

    Italy is usually referred to as Wonderland: incomparable cities of art, which still preserve cultural and historic traces of past civilizations that, fortunately, time has not still deleted; sandy beaches and clear waters which are every bit as beautiful as the Caribbean ones; snowy mountains,...

  • Holidays in Farmhouse with swimming pool for children

    Holidays in Farmhouse with swimming pool for children

    For a family vacation dedicated to the fun of your children, on our web site you can find a selection of Farm with swimming pool for children where your children can play in the water and swim in maximum safety, while you relax and enjoy your stay in peace.

    In our cottages with kids pool you...

  • Stay in Villa in Tuscany

    Stay in Villa in Tuscany

    Tuscany is a land rich in suggestive landscapes, characterized by the presence of marvelous Villas , ancient country houses of noble families or modern dwellings often located on the top of hills, dominating the surroundings. Today it is possible to stay in some of the Medici Villas scattered in...

  • Farmhouse with Internet connection and wi-fi

    Farmhouse with Internet connection and wi-fi

    Would you like to spend your holidays in the green without having to give up the internet connection? To check your work emails, to share pleasant and funny moments on social networks, to find out details of local stories that you have forgotten to ask the owner of the property, to book tickets...

  • Farmhouse with restaurant

    Farmhouse with restaurant

    Farmhouse with restaurant, the ideal choice if you look for a holiday in the countryside to enjoy the dishes of good local cuisine.

    Many of our Farmhouses are wine producers, or olive oil producers as well as other local products, so you can rediscover the pleasure of eating and drinking well...

  • Farmhouses with air conditioning

    Farmhouses with air conditioning

    The air-conditioning of rooms and common areas is often perceived as an unavoidable service, given the hot temperatures in Italy during the summer. On our website you can choose from a wide range of Agriturismo with air-conditioning, ideal for spending your summer holidays in the countryside,...

  • Farmhouse with heating

    Farmhouse with heating

    If you are planning your holidays in Italy for the winter, don't worry: on our website you will find a list of Farmhouses, B&B, Holiday Homes, Apartments and Villas with heating system to warm up your holidays in the countryside, in the mountains or in the city during the coldest months of the...

  • Farmhouse for children

    Farmhouse for children

    Going on holiday means getting away from the bustle of daily life to relax and discover new places, and for those with family it is also an opportunity to carve out some time for their children. Why not choose the beauty and comfort of a stay in farmhousevillas, not too far from the most...

  • Farmhouse with playground

    Farmhouse with playground

    If you decide to spend a relaxing holiday in the Italian countryside with your children, you can choose one of the many farmhouses and holiday houses with playground, located within the same property or nearby. You can enjoy the tranquillity of the place by doing some trekking or by sitting...

  • Farmhouse with babysitting

    Farmhouse with babysitting

    Time for holidays has finally come for you and your family but you have some doubts to solve: 

    for example, would you like to try your hand at trekking or other sport activities that may be too difficult for a kid?

    Would you like to spend your holidays in a place not too far from art cities,...

  • Farms for families

    Farms for families

    If you are looking for a holiday for families, you are in the right place! Agriturismo.net, in fact, offers a wide choice of facilities suitable for you and your children, among which you will find the right one to spend a pleasant stay with your family.

    You can choose a Farm with a play area...

  • Accessible properties in Italy

    Accessible properties in Italy

    Architectural barriers within the accommodation facilities: why not break certain limits? Here is a selection of holiday homes, villas, bed and breakfasts, and bed and breakfasts with disabled facilities, built or otherwise tailor-made for anyone with mobility difficulties, so that you can...

  • Farmhouse with stables

    Farmhouse with stables

    Have you already discovered how relaxing and healthy could riding a horse at the walk be, over a horse trekking path surrounded by nature? If not, well, this is the perfect moment! Choosing a farmhouse with stables means pleasantly horse riding at the walk, discovering unspoilt places surrounded...

  • Farmhouses in Tuscany with Spa

    Farmhouses in Tuscany with Spa

    If you are thinking of a relaxing stay in a place full of beautiful landscapes, natural, artistic, gastronomic and cultural beauties, a Farmhouse in Tuscany with Spa is the one for you! Among our facilities in Tuscany , you will find a proposal of Agritourisms with Spa located near art cities...

  • Wellness Centre

    Wellness Centre

    Mens sana in corpore sano:

    If you are planning a holiday away from city centres to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, what better option than a well-being holiday in farmhouse?

    Stretch your nerves and let yourself be pampered by the warm thermal water, a regenerating massage...

  • Romantic escape in Farmhouse

    Romantic escape in Farmhouse

    Why not devote a little time to love and relaxation with a nice romantic holiday on a farm? You could immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the charm of stunning scenery, discover the most beautiful cities and be tempted by a fine dinner by candlelight.. Why not offer, or surprise, your...

  • Animal-friendly Farmhouse

    Animal-friendly Farmhouse

    Are you an animal lover and you will never be separated from your faithful four-legged friend?

    If you really don't want to entrust your pets, so lovingly cared for throughout the year, to relatives or friends even if for short periods, do not worry: on Agriturismo.net, you will find b&b,...

  • Pet-friendly Agriturismo

    Pet-friendly Agriturismo

    Are you planning your next vacation and do not want to leave your dog or cat at home? On our website you will find a selection of pet-friendly Farmhouse in which you can spend a pleasant holiday in the green with your four-legged friend. Here you will find suitable spaces to host him/her and ad...

  • Farms with Animals in Italy

    Farms with Animals in Italy

    What would a farm holiday be like without the farm animals? Many children living in the city have never seen a cow, a lamb, a pig, a sheep or a pony except on television or in books. A holiday in a Farm with animals will be an opportunity for your children to get to know and see the typical...

  • Educational Farms in Italy

    Educational Farms in Italy

    Our offer also includes a selection of Educational Farms : all the genuineness of country life lends itself to be known by small visitors who will know all the animals on the farm and feed them, having fun in the open.

    The Educational Farm , more and more sought after by families with children ,...

  • Farmhouse with animals for children

    Farmhouse with animals for children

    If you want to make your little ones happy, give them a stay in a Farmhouse with animals for children . It will certainly be a fun and educational experience, not just for them. They will be able to see horses, ponies, cows, lambs, goats, chickens, geese, ducks and rabbits, caress them, cuddle...

  • Holiday Houses and Farmhouses close to the seaside

    Holiday Houses and Farmhouses close to the seaside

    You love the sea and cannot imagine your holiday without the sight of that huge and beautiful expanse of blue? Are you looking for a holiday that is not only about swimming in crystalline water and sunbathing on the beach but also includes delicious food and excursions into the...

  • Farmhouse near the lake

    Farmhouse near the lake

    A holiday or a weekend in a Farmhouse near the lake is an excellent alernative option to stays at the beach or in the mountains. A good idea to spend some time with your family , with children or with friends in contact with nature, between sport and culture . There are many options for a...

  • Holidays in Farmhouse in the mountains

    Holidays in Farmhouse in the mountains

    The Italian mountain is made of evocative landscapes, national parks, protected oases, forests rich in vegetation and characteristic villages. From Trentino Alto Adige to Veneto , passing through Tuscany, mountain resorts have a lot to offer and are suitable both for summer holidays and for...

  • Agriturismo with cooking classes

    Agriturismo with cooking classes

    Italy is the land of a thousand culinary traditions where each country has its typical recipes that only local people can pass on and teach. Choosing a holiday in a Farmhouse with cooking classes is an excellent idea to learn some recipes of the Italian tradition and learn the culinary...

  • Farmhouse for groups

    Farmhouse for groups

    If you are looking for a farm for groups to organize a holiday with friends, for business meetings or special events, Agriturismo.net offers you an offer of facilities suitable to accommodate a great number of guests.

    On our site you can find Agritourisms that can offer independence and...

  • Agriturismo for business stays

    Agriturismo for business stays

    If your job often makes you to travel around Italy, take a look at our farms for business stays . You will find facilities where you can carry out your tasks in peace and with all the comforts you may need. Our facilities are surrounded by greenery, enchanting landscapes with evocative...

  • Farmhouse Weddings

    Farmhouse Weddings

    The long-awaited day has arrived: a white dress or a favourite color suit, a tie or a bow tie, a roll Royce or a vintage Beetle: what is lacking in the very long list of preparations for the wedding day? The location!

    The time is pressing and you are running out of ideas? Have you ever thought...

  • Honeymoon Farmhouse in Italy

    Honeymoon Farmhouse in Italy

    When organizing honeymoon, we usually think of exotic and distant destinations that we probably would not have the opportunity to visit except during an occasion like this. But why not not organize a Honeymoon in Farmhouse in Italy and go to the discovery of its beautiful landscapes and its...

  • Your ceremony in Farmhouse in Italy

    Your ceremony in Farmhouse in Italy

    There are days that you would like to celebrate it with your loved ones that may be the most beautiful of your life, it is, therefore, necessary to organise them with care and love, paying attention to every detail. First of all? The location: view our selection of properties and you can choose...