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Theme holidays

Themed Holidays is a list of some of the thematic pages dedicated to the world of holidays in contact with nature.

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    Swimming pool

    Are you planning to spend a holiday in the Italian countryside and you don't want to give a refreshing bath up? Have a look at this page, Agriturismo.net has selected for you the best farmhouses with pool, villas with pool, apartments with pool and B&B with pool. Why should you choose to spend...

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    Farmhouse with babysitting

    Time for holidays has finally come for you and your family but you have some doubts to solve: 

    for example, would you like to try your hand at trekking or other sport activities that may be too difficult for a kid?

    Would you like to spend your holidays in a place not too far from art cities,...

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    Farmhouse weddings

    The long-awaited day has arrived: a white dress or a favourite color suit, a tie or a bow tie, a roll Royce or a vintage Beetle: what is lacking in the very long list of preparations for the wedding day? The location!

    The time is pressing and you are running out of ideas? Have you ever thought...

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    Farmhouse with Internet connection and wi-fi

    Would you like to spend your holidays in the green without having to give up the internet connection? To check your work emails, to share pleasant and funny moments on social networks, to find out details of local stories that you have forgotten to ask the owner of the property, to book tickets...

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    Truffle tasting in farmhouse

    On this page of Agriturismo.net you can find a list of accommodation offering truffle tasting among their services.

    Are you a hopeless gourmet and wouldn't you miss for anything in the world the local delicacies while on holiday? As an homage to the so-called King of the table, Agriturismo.net...

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    Farmhouse with restaurant

    Farmhouse with restaurant, the ideal choice if you look for a holiday in the countryside to enjoy the dishes of good local cuisine.

    Many of our Farmhouses are wine producers, or olive oil producers as well as other local products, so you can rediscover the pleasure of eating and drinking well...

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    Ecotourism in Tuscany

    Ecotourism in Tuscany - For your holidays dedicated to Ecotourism in Tuscany, take a look at our accommodation immersed in idyllic landscapes, discover nature trails and small villages where time seems to stand still, where you can taste traditional dishes and discover the wonders of local...

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    Farmhouses with playground

    If you decide to spend a relaxing holiday in the Italian countryside with your children, you can choose one of the many farmhouses and holiday houses with playground, located within the same property or nearby. You can enjoy the tranquillity of the place by doing some trekking or by sitting...

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    Accessible property in Italy


    Architectural barriers within the accommodation facilities: why not break certain limits? Here is a selection of holiday homes, villas, bed and breakfasts, and bed and breakfasts with disabled facilities, built or otherwise tailor-made for anyone with mobility difficulties, so that you can...
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    Wine tasting in farmhouse in Italy

    Italy has a lot to offer to wine lovers on holiday: wine tours made with red, white and rosé wines in typical wine cellars scattered on the socalled Wine Routes across the 'beautiful country' from north to south ..

    From Barolo from Piedmont to the Sicilian Nero d'Avola and through the...

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    Wellness Centre

    Mens sana in corpore sano:

    If you are planning a holiday away from city centres to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, what better option than a well-being holiday in farmhouse?

    Stretch your nerves and let yourself be pampered by the warm thermal water, a regenerating massage...

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    Sport holiday in farmhouse

    If you are a lover of nature and physical activity, why not book a nice sports holiday in a farmhouse?

    This allows you to keep in shape during your deserved holiday, having a healthy binge of local products, without giving up the feeling of constantly moving muscles, the energy and the...

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    Culture Holidays in farmhouse

    How to define Italy? We could describe it as an open-air museum where the beautiful landscape and all forms of culture blend into one thing, creating a picture of rare beauty. Countless testimonies of the great civilizations of the past have been collected in museums, private collections or left...

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    Farmhouse with stables

    Have you already discovered how relaxing and healthy could riding a horse at the walk be, over a horse trekking path surrounded by nature? If not, well, this is the perfect moment! Choosing a farmhouse with stables means pleasantly horse riding at the walk, discovering unspoilt places surrounded...

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    Holidays in Tuscany

    Ready to discover Tuscany, Italy? Here you find travel advice for your holiday through the villages and views of Tuscany, whether you choose to stay at a farmhouse at the heart of Chianti or you prefer to reserve a holiday house or villa near Pisa or Lucca, for example...

    Which is the best way...

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    Farmhouse for children

    Going on holiday means getting away from the bustle of daily life to relax and discover new places, and for those with family it is also an opportunity to carve out some time for their children. Why not choose the beauty and comfort of a stay in farmhousevillas, not too far from the most...

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    Educational farms in Italy


    As we were telling you about our children's farm, our offer also includes a selection of educational farms: all the genuineness of country life is liable to get acquainted with the small visitors who, accompanied by expert staff, will be able to know all the animals of the Farm and nourish...
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    Holiday in sustainable farmhouse

    "I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful form of art you could wish for" A. Warhol

    If one of the causes that you're passionate about is the respect and protection of the environment, you may find the perfect solution for your eco-friendly holiday with a beautiful stay on a...

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    Romantic escape in farmhouse

    Why not devote a little time to love and relaxation with a nice romantic holiday on a farm? You could immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the charm of stunning scenery, discover the most beautiful cities and be tempted by a fine dinner by candlelight.. Why not offer, or surprise, your...

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    Your ceremony in farmhouse in Italy

    There are days that you would like to celebrate it with your loved ones that may be the most beautiful of your life, it is, therefore, necessary to organise them with care and love, paying attention to every detail. First of all? The location: view our selection of properties and you can choose...

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    Holiday houses and farmhouses close to the seaside

    You love the sea and cannot imagine your holiday without the sight of that huge and beautiful expanse of blue? Are you looking for a holiday that is not only about swimming in crystalline water and sunbathing on the beach but also includes delicious food and excursions into the...

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    Holiday in farmhouse

    If you are dreaming of leaving behind the city chaos, smog and quick meals for your holidays, why not choose a beautiful holiday in farmhouse? You will be pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of country life, made of hard work but also of great satisfaction and healthy and genuine...

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    Farmhouse with typical products

    If for you a holiday is not just beautiful landscapes but also authentic flavours, if you are looking for contact with nature and with the authenticity of traditional recipes, why not check out our selection of farms with local products?

    You will find properties with their own oil or wine...

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    Wine and food holidays in farmhouse

    For those who believe that good food doesn't only delight the palate but also puts you in a good mood, we decided to create this section, dedicated to true connoisseurs of our traditional dishes: what could be better than combining a passion for good food with a break away from home, partaking...

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    Farmhouse with swimming pool

    Italy is usually referred to as Wonderland: incomparable cities of art, which still preserve cultural and historic traces of past civilizations that, fortunately, time has not still deleted; sandy beaches and clear waters which are every bit as beautiful as the Caribbean ones; snowy mountains,...

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    Villas with pool

    On this page Agriturismo.net presents a selection of the best villas and villas with pool.

    For those who are planning a relaxing holiday in the Italian countryside without giving up the comfort and convenience of a luxury residence, here our list of charming villas with swimming pool!


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    Farmhouse with pool in Tuscany

    Agriturismo.net presents a selection of the best farmhouses with pool in Tuscany - Italy.

    Close your eyes and imagine yourself immersed in the countryside with a drink in your hand, listening to the sounds of nature in the background and in front of a blue, refreshing pool.

    Choose among...

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    Weddings in Tuscany in Farmhouse, Villa

    If you think about getting married in Tuscany, villas, castles and farmhouses with swimming pool, located on the hills of Tuscany, can be the perfect setting for your wedding... for a dreamy love story as experienced by famous screen couples in Tuscany, Romeo and Juliet by Zeffirelli or Roberto...

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    Wedding in villa or castle

    One of the most romantic proposals for your wedding day? Get married in a castle or a beautiful villa immersed in the countryside: take a look at our castles and villas with ceremony and reception services, choose the best for your fairytale wedding in a castle or ancient villa in a refined...

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    Wine tasting in farmhouse in Tuscany

    Wine and Tuscany, a DOC combination, high alcohol content, for all the wine lovers on holiday in Tuscany, unmissable wine tours between wine cellars and wine shops along the 'Wine routes'. Wine tours and wine tastings are organized by many farmhouses, holiday houses and other accommodation on...