Travel tips: what to bring on holiday in Italy

Farm holidays in Italy: what to bring

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Preparing the suitcase before leaving for a trip always creates a bit of anxiety for the fear of forgetting something, especially something important, such as documents. So as not to find you unprepared, here are some tips on essential items to pack for your holidays in Italy.
First of all, if you are traveling by air, always check the rules of the airline's hand baggage: allowable dimensions and weight and items that can not be transported. Then clarify the ideas on the type of holiday you will do to decide what to bring. However, try to leave a little 'free space in your suitcase, not to risk having to give up to bring home some souvenirs or some delicious typical product to remind you of your trip to Italy and remember to always bring a good book!


The documents are the most important and the first to pack, not to risk arriving at the airport without a passport or air tickets. So always make sure you have printed everything you need and have with you a passport, driving license or identity card, airline tickets, health card, booking voucher, credit card, cash and photocopies of the most important documents. Driving license and credit card will be essential even if you want to rent a car
Always check the expiry date of the document you will use to travel and remember that airlines and shipping companies can request specific documents for pregnant women. Also, be informed about the procedures provided by the airline with which you fly to check in and get your boarding pass

Italy is part of the area where the abolition of border controls is applied as foreseen by the Shengen agreement, so the inhabitants of the EU countries can enter and leave Italy without a visa , while the citizens of the United States , Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand can stay in Italy for up to 90 days without a visa .


As for clothing , to understand what to pack , always check the weather before leaving. However there are essential and indispensable things to carry on every journey. First of all, bring a pair of comfortable shoes , because surely you will have to walk for most of the day, including visits to the city and various trips. Recommended clothing in layers , the so-called "onion clothing", especially if your holiday includes more stops between north and south Italy, including there may be considerable temperature changes, as in spring it may be hot during the day, but cool the evening. So sweaters, maglines, shorts and long, pajamas, hat and sunglasses, raincoat, umbrella and for the cold sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves, as well as slippers, underpants and socks and beauty-houses.
Do not forget your swimsuit . In summer it will certainly be hot and in spring, in some areas of Italy such as Puglia or Sicily , it may already be the ideal climate for a dip in the sea or perhaps in Lake Trasimeno . In the other months of the year, instead, you could find yourself staying in a Farmhouse with wellness center .

Technological kit

Indispensable chargers to avoid the risk that cell phones, tablets, PCs and other technological tools are downloaded and you can not publish photos of your holiday on various social networks. Most of us now take pictures with the smartphone, but if you are a true lover of photos or an expert, you can not leave the camera at home.

Medicines and first aid kits

To avoid any kind of problem, take into account those minor problems or inconveniences that may arise during your holidays. Arm yourself with a small kit of drugs and first aid in case you ever have to deal with any health problems and remember to bring with you a prescription of the drugs you usually take. So, remember to pack medicines for personal therapies, headache and stomach ache, anti-inflammatories, antihistamines, antibiotics, patches and gauze, thermometer, insect repellent.

Now that you have clearer ideas on what to bring to Italy for your next vacation, you just have to book one of our Apartments, B & B, Holiday Homes or Agriturismo in Italy and pack! 

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