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Vacation Rental in Cilento

Extended between the Gulf of Salerno and the Gulf of Policastro, the Cilento area is one of the most beautiful areas of the Campania. The Cilento, also falls largely within the National Park of Cilento Vallo di Diano e Alburni, which preserves the numerous enviromental and cultural resources of this area, including the archaeological sites of Paestum and Velia.

The Cilento Coast, with long and enchanting sandy beaches bathed by crystal clear waters and surrounded by pine forests, to which are added nature, art and history, it is a perfect destination for cultural holidays, for sport holidays and for a stay in a Farmhouse near the sea.

Cilento: where to go

If you love the sea, the coast from Palinuro to Marina di Camerota is a succession of kilometers of beaches, coves, rocks overlooking the sea and caves. Palinuro is a paradise for divers, full of suggestive seascapes and it is recommended to follow the path that leads from the port to the top of the Cape, where the lighthouse and the weather station are located. Marina di Camerota, included in the Prtected marine Area Costa degli Infreschi, is one of the most suggestive areas of Cilento, rich in prehistoric remains, preserved above all in the numerous marine and non-marine caves. We recommend the Grotta Azzurra, a must!

In the south of Cilento we find Castellabate, located on a hill overlooking the coast between the Promontory of Tresino and Punta Licosa, an extreme offshoot of the Gulf of Salerno, a dream for lovers of luxuriant nature and tranquility. Do not miss the spectacle of the sun setting behind the lighthouse of the islet.

Cilento: what to see and what to do

Visit the Museo Vivo del Mare, in the seaside village of Pioppi, hosted at the historic palace of Vinciprova, where is also located the Ecomusei della Dieta Mediterranea which is spread over the territory with paths, educational gardens and historical places that have become the home of the Mediterranean diet and not by chance.

Cilento is, in fact, a territory also rich in typical products, including the anchovies of menaica, a slow food presidium. These anchovies have the characteristic of being caught with a special net, the menaica, and preserved according to an ancient traditional method. A specialty to be tried by staying in a Farmhouse with restaurant.

Choose among our properties the ones that best suit your needs: Bed and Breakfast, Holiday Houses, Villas, Apartments and Farmhouses in Cilento for a new holiday in the nature near the sea.