Wine Roads in Tuscany

Holidays in a Farmhouse in Tuscany: the Wine Roads

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Tuscany, among its villages and ancient streets, contains expanses of rows of precious grapes from which excellent wines are obtained. The Wine Roads - in italian, Strade del Vino, are paths with view over stunning landscapes, which will make you discover lesser-known corners of the territory, full of farms and open cellars where you can learn about the techniques of wine production, make wine tasting and taste other typical products. The Wine Roads in Tuscany are 14 itineraries ranging from the sea of the Etruscan Coast and the Maremma to the countryside of the Pisan Hills and Chianti. An excellent opportunity to learn about the different areas of Tuscan wine production during your holiday in Farmhouse in Tuscany, where you can combine wine tasting and gastronomic products with trekking, cycling and horse riding.

Holiday in Farmhouse in Tuscany along the Wine Roads

Starting from the north of Tuscany, one encounters the Colli di Candia and Lunigiana Wine Route , located north of Carrara, near the sea. Here you can taste two local DOC wines: Candia dei Colli Apuani and Colli di Luni , a very light white wine. Going down towards Lucca , along the Lucchesi and Montecarlo Hills Wine Road , between villas of the 16th and 19th centuries, it leads to the hills that give life to a DOC wine with an intense taste.
Not far from Lucca, in the countryside of the province of Pisa , you will find the Wine Route of the Pisan Hills that connects the inner areas of the Valdera and the lower Valdarno with the Val di Cecina, through a typically Tuscan scenery made of small villages rich in traditions and food and wine specialties. Here we produce the Bianco Pisano di San Torpè and the Colli dell'Etruria Centrale .

On the coast of the province of Livorno , the Costa degli Etruschi Wine Route will take you to the production area of Sassicaia , one of the finest wines in the world. The routes are varied and touch different locations and the whole area is dotted with archaeological sites of Etruscan and Roman times.
From the southern border of the Costa degli Etruschi Wine Route begins the Strada del Monteregio of Massa Marittima which crosses the metalliferous hills of the Alta Maremma.

Among the most famous and beaten Wine Roads there is certainly the Chianti wine route of the Florentine Hills that winds along 4 main routes around Florence from which many minor roads branch off along the Florentine Chianti road, between fortresses, castles and villas where multiple DOC and DOCG are produced. Between the provinces of Siena and Florence there is the Wine Route of the Chianti Classico , a wine produced with a particular method only in the lands of 9 municipalities of this area, characterized by terraces and valleys.

Between the Mugello and the Casentino there is the Wine Route of Chianti Rùfina and Pomino , one of the oldest areas of wine production. Ancient churches, picturesque medieval villages and other places to visit follow one another along this path from which you can leave to discover the Oil Roads and where you can go hiking, cycling, or horseback riding between one tasting and another.

In the province of Prato, the Medicean Road of the Wines of Carmignano leads to an area of %u200B%u200Bsmall size, where the heterogeneity of the lands gives life to different and excellent wines, including Cabernet and Sangiovese .
The Terre di Arezzo Wine Route is the longest route and covers 200km along a varied area of Tuscany between the hills of Chianti, the Valdichiana and the Colli Etruria where the two DOCG Chianti and Chianti Colli Aretini and five DOC wines are produced including Colli Central Etruria, Cortona, Vinsanto del Chianti, Valdichiana and Chianti Colli Aretini Occhio di Pernice.

The Montespertoli Wine Route, on the other hand, is a route in the Montespertoli area, one of the capitals of the Tuscan wine, which has been recognized as a perfect area for its ideal climatic conditions and excellent physical characteristics. Chianti Montespertoli

The area of San Gimignano is home to one of the most famous wine roads in Tuscany, the Vernaccia Wine Route of San Gimignano , a route through Vernaccia vineyards, where even food is the master with many farms that produce wine, oil and saffron. In the area of %u200B%u200Bthe Sienese Valdichiana, on the other hand, the Strada del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano belongs, where one can start to discover excellent productions of wine and oil.

The Colli di Maremma Wine Route , runs through the southernmost part of Tuscany, south of Grosseto. They are famous areas for pristine beaches and thermal springs . If you love wine, this is the perfect destination to taste the four local DOC: Ansonica, Morellino di Scansano, Parrina and Bianco di Pitigliano . Finally, in the hinterland of Monte Amiata there is another itinerary of the Maremma wine, the Montecucco Wine Route .

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