The most beautiful museums in Tuscany

Holidays in Farmhouse in Tuscany: the most beautiful museums to visit

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A holiday in Farmhouse in Tuscany is an opportunity to visit one of the richest regions of artistic works, with wonderful museums custodians of unique collections . A paradise for art lovers and the ideal place for a cultural holiday . Here we recommend some of the most beautiful museums in Tuscany that you absolutely can not miss during your holiday in Tuscany.

The most beautiful museums in Florence

Most of the most beautiful and interesting museums to visit in Tuscany are in Florence . The Uffizzi Gallery , housed in a large building designed by Giorgio Vasari, is one of the most famous museums in the world, a treasure chest in which absolute masterpieces of art of all times are kept. like the Spring and the Birth of Venus by Botticelli, the Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci, the Venus of Urbino by Titian, the Tondo Doni by Michelangelo and the Madonna del Cardellino by Raphael.

Do not miss the Vasari Corridor , an ancient secret passage built by the Medici in the sixteenth century, which connects Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti, passing over Ponte Vecchio. Today it is a small museum that houses a collection of self-portraits by artists of Cardinal Leopoldo de 'Medici, as well as numerous paintings by authors of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries .

At Palazzo Pitti , you can visit some of the most important museums in Florence. The Palatine Gallery houses the Medici's painting collections with works by Raphael, Tiziano, Tintoretto and Caravaggio enriched with sumptuous frames. The Royal and Imperial Apartments retain period furnishings that tell the taste of the different families who lived there. The Treasury of the Grand Dukes or Museo degli Argenti preserves the precious "Medici Treasure" and an important collection of jewels created between the seventeenth and twentieth centuries. The Gallery of Modern Art houses a wonderful collection of paintings and sculptures from the eighteenth century to the early decades of the twentieth century.
Behind Palazzo Pitti is the wonderful Giardino di Boboli , a beautiful Italian garden that is a veritable open-air museum, adorned with statues, caves and fountains.

The Accademia Gallery is another beautiful museum in Florence not to be missed. Here are preserved many sculptures by Michelangelo, including the famous David , as well as a vast collection of paintings by other great Italian artists and the Museum of musical instruments , with ancient artifacts and tools of Stradivari.

Also in Florence, it is worth visiting the Bargello Museum , the most important collection of Renaissance sculptures in Italy, with works by Cellini, Michelangelo, Giambologna and the famous bronze David by Donatello. Villa Bardini , on the other hand, is an exhibition center hosting temporary and photographic exhibitions , with a garden from which you can enjoy a unique view of the city.

The most beautiful museums in Tuscany

Leaving the Tuscan capital, among the most beautiful museums in Tuscany , there is certainly the Pinacoteca of the Palazzo Comunale di San Gimignano , where you can admire the important works of art of the Florentine and Sienese schools from the 13th to the 16th century. While in the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo of Pisa , in Piazza dei Miracoli, it houses sculptures and fragments from the Baptistery including the statues of Nicola and Giovanni Pisano and the treasure of the Cathedral.

Other less known Tuscan museums, but still precious custodians of Tuscan art are the Civic Museum of Montepulciano , which in a splendid construction of the fourteenth century houses the Crociani pinacoteca with paintings from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century, the Civic Archaeological Museum of the Etruscan Civilization of Pitigliano , in Maremma , a small museum where the Etruscan finds come to light with the excavations of the necropolis of Poggio Buco and the Acropolis of Pitigliano and, finally, the Civic Museum of Sansepolcro where you can admire the masterpieces of Piero della Francesca.

Now that you know where to go to admire the most beautiful works of art of all time, look at our offer of Farmhouses, B & B, Holiday Homes, Apartments and Villas and book the property that you prefer for your cultural holiday in Tuscany .

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