Restaurant: Agriturismo near Salerno in Campania, Stella Cilento

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The new restaurant, obtained from the ancient room of the oil mill, is a modern and refined ambience dipped in a suggestive frame that give a familiar and country spice.

The elegant and careful matching of ancient and modern elements, the game of charming lights near the old grindstone creates an evocative and unique place with originality elements that isn't possible to find elsewhere.

The restaurant of the farmhouse is the ideal place in order to taste genuine plates made with the ancient passion for the Cilento cookery and the wisdom in arranging simple and rich nourishing ingredients.

The plates, prepared in according to prescriptions handed on from mother to daughter, so to preserve their flavours and genuineness like old days, are served with love and attention and our guest can taste unique, indescribable and intense flavours.

OUR WINE CELLAR: Celebrate the pleasure of tasting one of the best wines selected by our sommelier. Spend evenings in our exclusive restaurant surrounded by old walls of the mill where are found hundreds of vineyards in the National Park of Cilento and Campania, and one for every region of Italy as well as selected brandies. Here's a little sip of our wine sip of our wines!