Activities and Services: Camere in Villa near Firenze in Toscana, Pontassieve

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Activities and Services


A majestic old Cedar of Lebanon that has lost the branches of its main trunk but that still remains alive now welcomes and supports a characteristic wooden terrace. The terrace has a plant with 7 equal sides and can accommodate up to 12 people: here you can enjoy tea in the company or turn the pages a book, dedicate a magical moment, off the ground and intoxicated by the smell of cedar. A time dedicated only to you.


A typical hall in ancient dances and parties, is now available for courses, seminars, exhibitions and shows in general. The name is dedicated to a great Italian artist who has always fought for art and taste for beauty: Adriano Celentano. A rectangular room of 55 square meters on the ground floor + 12 sqm on an elegant raised stage, with a wooden railing and small service dressing. Up to 80 seats on chairs, the room is set up with an audio system with 4 speakers, lights a server, a video projector, wi-fi network and a cable network.


Once the meeting room probably used to the game of billiards (now you will find on the upper floor) or at the interview among the frescoes and the green of the lime trees of the park. The name is dedicated to the historical era that inspired the frescoes - probably Lorenese era (1700) - when Florence was the center of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, fervent in art, culture and ingenuity. The lounge has a rectangular plan with a total of 70 square meters, 100 seats. Well it suited for conference events, art shows and game tournaments, but also at weddings and banquets. The basic facilities are: 4 audio speakers, a video projector, wi-fi network and cable network, the perimeter courtesy lights to LED dimmer ceiling. Accessible by elevator.


The enigmas garden is a place where, in addition to challenging riddles, set up outdoor exhibits, create special theatrical or musical events within the flower beds or under the pergola, in short, a place where nature is ready to frame. Within the garden are two former Limonaie, one dedicated to the historical archive and exhibition of some artefacts found in the villa, while the other is proposed as a free space, 80 square meters with vaulted ceilings and tiled floors where can accommodate exhibitions, dance, meditate ... I mean room for ideas and passions! This limonaia has available a toilet and a small kitchenette.


Next to the Villa, on the South East side, developing a square of about 250 square meters from which you can admire the view of the surrounding hills to the mountains of Pratomagno. The square is adjacent to one of the rooms of the restaurant, and during the spring and summer home features outdoor dining; side of the square was built a large barbecue to cook meat and vegetables on the grill. The square also lends itself to accommodate theatrical and musical performances: thanks to its natural inclination and the absence of noise disturbance sources is characterized by an excellent acoustics. Above the two former lemon there are two large terraces (40 sqm each) overlooking the Garden of Riddles and the scene of the Pyramids of Rosano and the Sieve Valley. The terraces are served breakfast outside and aperitifs; during the day are excellent meditation and observation angles, where you can read a book to the breeze from the valley or seek out a heron looking its nest in the nearby forest.


The outdoor arena is located about 200 m from the villa, in a completely secluded location, in a mixed environment between the agricultural and the forest which is a fascinating background scenery. The Arena features 8 steps in order to receive up to 300 seats in addition to other 200 side seats for a total of 500 seats receptivity. The wood and metal stage is equipped with headlights and what is necessary for the performance of music, theater and dance.


It 'a room of 28 square meters located in the basement where once were kept the barrels of wine. A beautiful old stone once testifies that its construction dates back to many centuries ago, probably in the Middle Ages of 1300-1500. The restaurant has a window and is available for recreational activities and entertainment where it is necessary recollection, so small meetings, exercise classes, meditative practices, games space.

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