Typical products: Agriturismo near Lucca in Toscana, Sant'Alessio

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Typical products

Rosa is mainly directing its interest in the growth of wine - oil and vegetables. These products have only been locally appreciated so far but since the opening of the farmahouse Paolo and Caterina have had the pleasure and the opportunity to offer them to their local and foreign guests.

Wine As can be seen from ancient local land-maps and farm implements found on site, wine has been produced on this land for over several centuries. However the layout of the old vines, bordering with neighbouring fields, made wine-growing an impractical task, and therefore Paolo has had to replace these with new plants. The varieties of grape grown include Sangiovese, Cannaiolo, Merlot and Sirah, all of which bear the prestigious DOC label. The first wine-harvest of these new vines is net to take place in 2004.

Olive Oil The estate has been producing olive oil for over four years. On the nearby surrounding hills two small plots of land containing around 800 olive trees have been leased. The first olive grove is situated in the Pascosino district of the village of S. Martino in Vignale. Here the main varietes of olives grown are Leccino, Moraiolo, and, to a lesser extent, Frantoiano. The second olive grove is situated in the Bernino district of the village of Pieve S.Stefano, and here the main variety grown is Frantoiana, as well as Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino and other older varieties. The methods used to produce the oil (especially as regards the olive-harvesting and pressing), ensure an end-product which is both pure and wholesome.

Vegetables The vegetables grown are typical of the surrounding district. Canestrini tomatoes, Lucchese onions, courgettes "ad alberello" ( grown on small shrubs), black cabbage, various types of salad(lettuce) and naturally Cannellino beans, which have been the flagship product of the estate for many years. On the estate there is also an enchanting highly perfumed and colourful herb-garden. There is also a small orchard where some plants in danger of extinction are cultivated, including two varieties of apples: the "mela zucchina" (lit. "courgette" apple) and the "mela casciana" (lit. apple of Casciana- named after a local village). With great affection and devotion for the land and its natural surroundings, this small estate, handed down to them by their forefathers is being lovingly cared for Paolo and Caterina, who look forward to welcoming you in person to their home to tell you about the birth and the development of their farm.

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