Farmhouse in Sicily: typical structures

Holidays in Farmhouse in Sicily in typical structures

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If you are thinking of taking a trip to Sicily, to enjoy the beautiful sea, the excellent cuisine and this wonderful island of the Mediterranean, we suggest you stay in the typical structures located in the rural areas of this land. The Bagli and the Dammusi are buildings born from the ingenuity and from the hands of the ancient populations who have raised them up by exploiting the natural elements offered by the territory and adapting them to their needs.

Sicilian bagli: what they are

Il Baglio, in Sicilian bagghiu is a farm characterized by a large internal courtyard , a large city %u200B%u200Bwall and a large entrance door. It is a typical structure of Sicily , in particular of the territory of Trapani , linked to the rural economy. Its origins date back to the 16th century, when, during the Spanish domination of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the abandoned countryside of Sicily was colonized by the barons. The structure of the Baglio is the architectural result of the economic organization of large land holdings related to the production of wine and oil: a large farm in which the owners lived in the upper floors, while the lower floors were intended for farmers, the storage of supplies and work tools, the barn, the cellar and the barn.

Holidays in Sicilian bagli

In recent years many Bagli have been recovered and converted to accommodation facilities , such as refined Agriturismo or B&B and Charming Lodges that preserve the atmosphere of the past and allow tourists to stay in a piece of history of Sicily and spend a holiday in Farmhouse in beautiful natural settings .

Dammusi panteschi: what they are

Typical buildings of the island of Pantelleria and the areas that include the provinces of Ragusa, Syracuse and Catania, the Dammuso, from the Arabic word dammus which means vaulted building is the traditional home of Pantelleria, born as a shelter for the farmers, then became summer of the Pantelleria families and today it is often used as a receptive structure. The Dammuso is the result of Arab civilization and of the work of the Pantelleria farmers, in which all the elements that compose it take into account the peculiarities of the island. It is built with dry-assembled lava stone, a typical material of the island, with a dome-shaped roof designed to channel rainwater into the cisterns and thick walls that provide insulation against the heat in summer and the cold winter. It generally consists of three internal environments. Often next to a Dammuso there is also a circular construction, the Jardinu, in which fruit trees are grown to protect them from the wind that hits the island.

Holidays in the Dammusi

Today, many of these structures have been converted into characteristics of Charming Dwellings that make the stay of those who choose them as a home for their holidays in Sicily unique, breathing the charm of a thousand-year tradition and living in a house that offers comfort and contact with the nature.

Choose from our structures in Sicily the typical Bagli for an elegant holiday in a farmhouse near the sea.

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