Territory: Appartamento near Arezzo in Toscana, Lucignano

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Lucignano: is located between Arezzo and Siena and we believe it provides a perfect base location for travellers wanting to discover Tuscany. This unique village is elliptical in shape and consists of concentric streets running within the protecting walls of the town. The highest point is the centre of the village and this is where you will find a number of piazzas and churches.

The town is literally built around the hilltop. Unlike many other medieval towns with their mazes of streets, it’s virtually impossible to get lost in Lucignano. Just keep walking and you will return to your starting point. This unique and beautiful village has recently been declared a national monument of Italy.

Lucignano is located in the heart of the most beautiful part of Tuscany. The softly rolling hills in the Chiana Valley are the classical Tuscany images you often see in magazines and calendars. If your interest is in art, why not pop in to towns such as Siena, Cortona, Perugia, Orvieto, Assisi, or Arezzo (where you’ll find Piero della Francesca’s fabulous Legend of the True Cross Frescoes). These towns, and many others in the near vicinity of Lucignano have world-class art museums and churches. If you want more art, Florence is only 50 minutes away.