Riding centre: Casa Vacanze near Grosseto in Toscana, Scansano

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Riding centre

Riding centre: skilled teachers will help you during your first approach with horses. You can make spectacular rides through the gentle Tuscan hills, or follow advanced courses on the behaviour and language of the horses. The center is a member of the Italian Equestrian Sport Federation (FISE), working together only with qualified instructors.

Excursions: for those liking life at open air and loving life in untouched ambient, going along fascinating Tuscan roads in mountain-bike or choosing extraordinary horse ridings among Tuscan Maremman sweet hills, finding back harmony of a primeval contact with nature, the structure puts at your disposal its park, hills, woods and a fantastic landscape!

Wellbeing Paths: they are 3 paths studied for walking by feet, ridings by mountain bike or horse ridings, passing through our property woods, which will give you the possibility of discovering our area marvels. Let’s discover together these 3 Wellbeing Paths:

  • Journey by feet (about 1500 metres): thought for individual or guided trips will allow you discovering sounds and flavours characterizing our area.
  • Journey by mountain bike (about 1800 metres): through the Mediterranean Maquis and following the signed country roads you will have the chance to see roe-bucks grazing, pheasants and hares looking for food.

  • Journey on horseback (about 3500 metres): ideal for those preferring to ride inside our property, it isn’t so difficult to face and very fluent. Following a walking, trot gait, or galloping for little courses, you will have the possibility of meeting wild animals like hares, pheasants and roe-bucks.