Restaurant: Camere in Villa near Firenze in Toscana, Pontassieve

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On the ground floor of our Villa, Il Sale Del Gusto Restaurant offers a special dining that goes back to local recipes passed down and refined over time: the cuisine of the Florentine tradition.

Kitchen of the Florentine tradition

Years of research to be able to flush out the recipes handed down from generation to generation, to rediscover those tastes that modern globalization has swept away. The poor but clever kitchen of the rural world to the "noble" recipes of Caterina de Medici, from the lamprey to the cut, the ribollita all'antipasto Tarapia tapioca. We do not propose the "Tuscan cuisine", now hackneyed, standardized: we want to charm you with dishes whose tastes, flavors and smells to speak of himself, of the meadows where they graze and cellars where it has risen. A selection of some very hard to find food elsewhere, if not in the memory of some elderly: in some cases it is difficult to even find the ingredients because they no longer traded.

We work because each dish is: Typical, because it sought in the Florentine tradition; genuine, because it made with selected quality products; seasonal, because only cooked with fresh, local products; tasty, because it made with all the passion and the art we have!

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For this we cook only local produce short chain (kilometer 0) that are carefully selected from local companies, including our farm: in this way also the territory with its social context of farmers, breeders and traders contributes the richness of the dishes.


Our dishes are prepared exclusively with seasonal products, so the mushrooms we eat in the fall, ribollita you eat in winter, the summer panzanella: if you want to eat the "drunken strawberries Lemon" those succulent strawberries covered with sugar and then pour lemon and a dash of white wine, come in May and October because you will find the "burned with vin novo" ... our menu changes every month according to the cyclical nature of the products that nature has to offer .

Slow food

Finally space to "taste", that fifth sense that the fast food and pre-cooked industries are trying to make us lose. So first we try to bring out the products that we cook in order to enhance the flavors, so we propose to eat them "savoring them", with the right timing, the right atmosphere, the right accompaniments: catering so becomes not only healthy food for the body but also for the spirit, no longer a "consummation" something to silence the primary instincts but to "taste" the art of eating.

The decor and atmosphere of the old Florentine inn

The cupboard, terracotta stoves, the yoke, the work table, the "mettitutto": the furniture of Le Taste Salt is researched and employs antique furniture and ancient Florentine tradition. On the tables - made entirely by local craftsmen - vintage cards, old prints of the nineteenth century music, newspaper clippings from the early twentieth century, advertising, proclamations, all original papers retrieved in Villa during the restructuring. The restaurant Villa has a maximum seating capacity of 150 seats.

Sala Fiorentina

The first room you come across in the restaurant is the Sala Fiorentina, dedicated to the steak and ... not only, wide-style room with tiled floors, wooden coffered ceiling and wooden fixtures. A beautiful fireplace makes it even more attractive environment and an old stone sink embellishes. It can accommodate up to 30 seats.

Sala Salunta

A side Fiorentina room is located on the "Salunta", devoted to another typical culinary delicacy and furnished in the same style of the Florentine room; a little bit of the latter can accommodate up to 25 people. Feature of this room is the presence of one of the four walls that surround the 4 windows ovoid shape that overlook a service corridor from which the staff follows the needs of guests.

Sala Buontalenti

Dedicated to the typical ice cream of Florence. Very bright and comfortable the room can hold more than 30 seats, and may also be granted in a manner reserved for small ceremonies, dinners with friends or work.

Saletta Chianti

Detached from the three mentioned room is the room "Chianti": a small room of about 20 square meters, a concentrate of typical Florentine: original terracotta tiled floor, ceiling and wooden shutters, fireplace with sitting at sight, wood stove , from blocks of sink, cupboard with door and a huge table that seats up to 12 people. This room is only granted on request for dinners for small groups or romantic dinners, where guests will be served with special care and in total privacy.

Salone Adriano

Finally there is the salon Adriano, a large 55 sqm room equipped for the evening shows but that may be used in part to accommodate 30-40 people to sit or otherwise in case of ceremonies or conferences as the main room.

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