Restaurant: Camere in Agriturismo near Perugia in Umbria, Assisi

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In observance of the most antique culinary traditions of Umbria, NOCETO offers dishes rich in the fruits of the land, accompanied by the wines of the surrounding hills. In observance of country traditions, mixed roasts are served, tagliatelle pasta with goose or mushroom sauce, pasta norcina style, penne pasta with truffle sauce, and a selection of cheeses. Few recipes prepared with walnuts:

Fettucine pasta with walnuts Ingredients: butter, cream, parmesan cheese, 200g cooked ham, 20 walnuts, capers, 10-12 white olives. Preparations: finely chop one handful of capers, the olives, the cooked ham and the 20 walnuts. Cook the ingredients with the butter. Serve the fettucine with the sauce and add the cream and parmesan cheese.

Farfalloni pasta with walnut sauce Ingredients for 6 people: 500g farfalloni, 300g walnuts, 3 garlic cloves, 3 tablespoons of bread without the crust, extra virgin olive oil, milk, marjoram and salt. Preparation: blanch the walnuts and remove the skin. Dip the bread in the milk, remove and squeeze well. Grind together the walnuts, garlic, bread, marjoram and a pinch of salt. Stop once you can start seeing oil coming out of the walnuts. Place the mix in a soup bowl, pour in some olive oil while mixing. You have poured enough oil when the mixture becomes a fluid sauce. Cook the farfalloni in boiling water, salt and remove from the water when the pasta is "al dente". Serve immediately with the sauce.

Canapés with gorgonzola and walnuts Ingredients for 4 people: 200g gorgonzola, 200g butter, 200g chopped walnuts, rye bread. Preparation: mix the gorgonzola, butter and walnuts. Spread the mixture onto the lightly buttered bread.

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