The farm: Camere in Agriturismo near Perugia in Umbria, Magione

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The farm

This property is an agricultural-forest farm and farm holiday establishment located amid the green hills of Lake Trasimeno in the natural setting of a 42-hectare estate of considerable intensity.

The charming landscape surrounding the farmhouse alternates between a centuries-old olive grove with 500 trees, clusters of centuries-old pines, an ancient chestnut wood, a timber wood, cultivated fields, and the young orchard. The view of the lake can be enjoyed from various spots, often in the company of small native hares, pheasants, and many species of small birds which can be easily seen thanks to the nearby nature reserve.

The property has no fences whatsoever, and there are numerous trails for trekking and horseback riding, made especially pleasant during certain periods of the year by gathering the abundant natural fruits offered by the farm (apricots and plums in summer; strawberry-tree fruit, hazelnuts and almonds in autumn, persimmons in winter, cherries and wild asparagus in spring). The location is also the ideal starting point for longer treks (on foot, horseback, or mountain bike, organized by us) through the hills surrounding Lake Trasimeno.

From a productive viewpoint, it is an entirely organic farm, specialized in various niche products with great attention to quality, the use of traditional harvesting and processing methods, and the recovering of flavors from the past. Offered as a welcome to our guests, these products are used in our cooking and can be purchased at the shop.