Our products: Appartamenti in Agriturismo near Siena in Toscana, Asciano

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Our products

Olive oil par excellence is “Extra-virgin Olive Oil” obtained from cold pressing of olives without using solvents or heat treatments; therefore, it keeps unaltered all its properties and substances (carotene, tocopherols, phospholipids), which benefit and protect the human organism. Extra-virgin olive oil is a perfect food for any age: fundamental in children's diet as its fatty acids percentage is similar to that of mother's milk, indicated for people who practice sports as it is a source of easily digestible energy, essential for the elderly as it prevents the loss of bone calcium. Our Extra-virgin Olive Oil is, therefore, not only a delicacy for the palate, but also a wholesome food. And that's not all: - it lowers LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) - increases HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) - protects the heart and arteries, slows down cerebral ageing and prevents arteriosclerosis. To best appreciate its properties, it is advisable to consume it raw.

By unanimous consensus, consolidated over time, the Chianti Classico lands that stretch around the Chartreuse of Pontignano are acknowledged for the excellent quality of their vine and olive products. The vineyard and olive-grove are planted here, among the fragments of calcareous rock that limit production to minimal levels, but reward it with absolute excellence. The long family experience, dating back to the early 50's with Cavaliere Bosco Messini, supports the assiduous work performed by his daughter Deanna, who tenaciously safeguards over time the peculiar character of the production. She personally follows each step of the production process, entirely carried out within the estate. In the early 90's, after careful selection of the best vineyards, the estate started to produce and bottle “Chianti Classico wine” under its own brand. Owing to this operation, our wine has become renowned and appreciated worldwide. Wine is complemented by D.O.P (Denomination of Protected Origin) extra-virgin olive oil, also produced and bottled under the estate's own brand name. Membership in the prestigious Chianti Classico Gallo Nero Consortium further guarantees the high quality, genuineness and typicality of the wine and oil production. And each bottle (of oil and wine) produced is proof of this.