Riding Centre: Agriturismo near Siena in Toscana, Castelnuovo berardenga

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Riding Centre

Equitazione: the Riding Centre is a member of the Federation of Italian Equestrian Sports. Horses are chosen, and schooled personally by Donatella and Sadio. Once selected as suitable they are never sold. Loved and cherished, our horses will allow you a serene and professional approach to riding. Lessons are in small groups with riders at similar riding level. Every rider whatever his/her level is carefully looked after.

Riding school: the riding centre has both an open air school and a covered school. This enables us to hold lessons all year round and in any weather conditions. Stables: we do not select our horses according to their breed, but rather by their ability to achieve good results when working on the flat and in the countryside; they must have the mental balance necessary for frequent changes of rider, as well as being easy to handle.

In addition to working in the riding school and in the countryside, the horses always spend several hours a day relaxing and playing freely in the paddock. The horses are periodically mounted and worked on the lunge by the instructors. We have about 20 horses personally chosen and schooled by Donatella and Sadio. Once they are considered suitable for the centre they are never sold.

Novices start gradually in groups of maximum 3 pupils, with quiet, reliable horses suitable for even the most nervous of beginners. Intermediate riders acquire a solid basis for a correct mount with particular attention to balance, flat work and jumping technique. Advanced riders practice techniques for balancing the horse and refining the way a rider can help both in jumping, schooling or country, and in dressage. The most expert can opt for individual lessons but in view of the care dedicated to our pupils these are recommended only for really advanced levels.

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