Places in the vicinity: Agriturismo near Pisa in Toscana, Peccioli

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Places in the vicinity

Siena: The Agritourism is about 40 minutes away from Siena. Centre of art surrounded by nature, Siena is an evocative medieval town much loved by tourists. The Sienese region is rich with unadulterated natural landscapes, olive groves and vineyards but also perfectly conserved medieval villages and archaeological sites. The town’s main square is Piazza del Campo, noted for its particular shell-form and extraordinary architectural beauty. Its most important element is Palazzo Pubblico, an ancient gothic style structure. Siena is also famous for the Palio, a horse race which consists of three laps of the Piazza del Campo on a tuff track marked out in the shell’s perimeter ring.

San Gimignano: From the agritourism you can reach the town of San Gimignano in 20 minutes. A Tuscan Comune situated in the Province of Siena, San Gimignano is famous for the particular medieval architecture of its historic town centre. Distinctive for its Vernaccia (a type of white wine) and its towers, it is located on a hill that overlooks the Val d’Elsa with a population of about 7,700 inhabitants. The town’s history began around the 10th century AD, undergoing its greatest development during the medieval period. The historic town centre attracts numerous tourists each year due to its great artistic and cultural heritage.

Volterra: the agritourism is situated 20 minutes away from Volterra. Famous for the extraction and working of alabaster, Volterra is a small town of Etruscan origin where it is possible to visit Roman ruins and evocative medieval buildings such as the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral and Palazzio dei Priori. Of the Etruscan period also remain the town walls, the Porta dell’Arco, an impressive construction crowned by three lion heads, the Villa Marmini necropolis and the archaeological findings conserved in the Etruscan Museum which include the Ombra della Sera, cinerary urns and ancient jewels.

Peccioli: the agritourism is located in Peccioli, a picturesque small town in the Province of Pisa. At Peccioli, besides enjoying the tranquillity of nature surrounded by the lushness of the hills of Valdera, it is possible to admire the medieval Palazzo Pretorio and the ruins of the fortress around which the historic town was built. Peccioli also hosts the Prehistoric Park, a small educational park that presents a number of life-size dinosaur reproductions as well as games and attractions for children and a large green area for picnics.

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