Sports and Activities: Appartamenti in Agriturismo near Firenze in Toscana, Montaione

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Sports and Activities

You'll have the possibility to make delightful sporting activities open air during your holiday in Tuscany. SWIMMING POOL and HYDROMASSAGE Our guests have a private swimming pool free available, whose sheet of water is 340 square metres. It has another small pool in the inside equipped with a fabulous hydro massage. Moreover there is another swimming pool (60 s-m.) for the children. The water is salty because we use a high technology system with marine salt, this do not cause allergy and will let you to have a natural tanning. The swimming pool is surrounded by a 2000 square metre wide solarium in Florentine terracotta tiles. There are deckchairs, beach umbrellas and a shower for assuring you a comfortable relief from the summer hot. PANORAMIC POSITION This structure is situated on a terracing, well windy, which commands a marvellous view on Era valley. It will treat you the best of relax and privacy and you will have your grills together with your friends in the barbecue area. Your children will play ping-pong and with other games in the game park. GOLF Fans of golf can practice it in "Golf Club", that is just 7 km far. FOOTBALL, VOLLEYBALL AND BOWLS FIELDS We have also football, volleyball and bowls fields. They are completely new! BIRD WATCHING The faunal farm which surrounds our village let you to make easy sightings of all the species of birds, roes, fallow deer, hares, wild pigs, foxes, ex... TREKKING and MOUNTAIN BIKE Inside our farm, wide 200 hectares, there are many indicated routes, ideal for who wants to trekking, make excursions with mountain bikes (we have a lot of mountain bikes) or simply enjoy the beauties of the place with relaxing walks in the countryside. For example, there is some natural surfacing of calcareous sulphurous water at 25°C. where is possible to have an healthy bath; or the small church "Della Pietrina", 2 km far, which is situated on the top of a wood and there are ruins of medieval sighting tower. From Pietrina church is possible to admire another out of sight panorama! HORSE-RIDING If you like horse-riding, we have a riding stables in the property. FISHING Lovers of fishing can have fun in the picturesque streams and lakes, that across our farm and the hills around. TENNIS Inside the farm our guests have a new professional tennis field.

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