Festivals and Celebrations: Appartamenti in Agriturismo near Prato in Toscana, Vernio

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Festivals and Celebrations

Polenta Festival (1st Sunday of Lent): remembering the sacking, in 1512, by the Spanish troops and, after their departure, the subsequent distribution of foodstuffs – polenta made from chestnuts, dried cod and herring – from the Bardi Counts’ castle. Historical procession, reading of the parchment and distribution of chestnut polenta. St Joseph’s festival (1st Sunday after 19th March): celebrating the local animals and local products Singing May (1st May): festival taking place all over the region with local bands and orchestras performing songs and popular dances Dusting festival (1st Sunday in June): remembering the grain threshing St Ann’s festival (1st Sunday after 25th July): dancing, singing and fireworks Woodman’s festival (2nd Sunday in July): wood cutting competitions, lassoing, etc Rinficolona festival (7 September): procession with hand-made lamps (rinficolona) around the streets of the town, remembering the people who would come into the town for the Madonna della Fiera. Madonna della Fiera (8th September): procession through the streets, blessing of the Holy Belt from Donatello’s pulpit, fireworks Donkey Palio (15th September) Siege of the Villa three days of festivities. Wine tasting and historical re-enactments St Michael’s festival (8th December): market All throughout the winter, there are plays and operas taking place on Sunday afternoons.