Gastronomy & Typical products: Appartamento near Viterbo in Lazio, Tuscania

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Gastronomy & Typical products

Gastronomy: "Tuscia" territory is also well known for it's traditonal dishes and typical food products. Resturants on the country or in towns offer different delicious dishis such as: different types of home made pasta, gamey, mushrooms, and also a big veriety of seasonals vegetables. One of the most typical dishes is the "acqua cotta" a soup really poor but delicious.

Typical products: The presence of a lot of small and middle farms on the country offer the possibility to have a lot of genuins typical and safe product: different types of sausages or cheese. Moreover it is well to emphasize the game offer (wild boars, pheasants, hares), than still it abounds in the "Maremma" campaigns. There is also a small poduction of local wines with some particular products made as an exemple the "EST EST EST" from Montefiscone. Also is possible to find delicius olives oil around Canino, this oil is Protected Designation of Origin and supported by the Europian Union. Other particular aspect is a new trend in farmers that are convertings into organic farmers. This process show as that in the last years the attentions is more to the quality of the production then to the quantity.

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