Info and Description: Bed and Breakfast near Livorno in Toscana, Suvereto

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  • 2 Adults
    0 Children

  • Livorno, Suvereto
  • 12 Beds
  • 45€ Min day - 315€ Min week
  • Italian spoken
  • Type: Bed and Breakfast

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Info and Description

Description: the Belvedere B&B is locate in the ancient borough of Belvedere (280 mt asl) and is provided with six twin rooms with facilities.

The building has been completely restored without changing its originalstructure, while major changes have been applied inside to allow a confortable housing for all who loves spending a period in the...

beatiful nature of our hills and very near to the sea.

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  • General services:
    Owner present
    Pets allowed
    Air conditioning
    Outdoor lighting
  • Catering Services:
    Home-style cooking
  • Technology Services:
    Internet connection
  • Sports Services:
  • Other services:
    Group accomodation

Terms and Conditions


  • Arrival time: from 12:00 - to 20:00
  • Departure time: The accommodation must be left by 12:00
  • In case of arrival out of the estimated time of arrival we kindly ask you to let know as soon as possible.

Down payment

Booking on request: The booking requires a deposit of 30%

Payment method accepted: Bank Transfer