The Villa: Appartamenti in Agriturismo near Verona in Veneto, Negrar in valpolicella

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The Villa

The Villa, which overlooks the lower valley of Negrar, is characterised by an elegant symmetrical design and sober tuff decorations. The façade of Villa is characterised by windows of varying shapes and dimensions which allow the rustic atmosphere and climate to be fully enjoyed. The decorative elements that frame the windows and doors are interesting because of their classical style which alternates between smooth friezes and triangular frontons.

The Villa is an example of 19th century architecture, linked partly to the old tradition of Villa Veneta construction. From the 1700s onwards many of the economical aspects which had influenced the development of this type of building in the previous centuries changed. The landowner's residence became in fact more of a holiday home, no longer being used for a practical function related to farm management, but more for pleasure and relaxation.

An elegant garden, elaborated at the beginning of the 1900s provides a perfect setting for the villa. Various elements of landscape design are harmoniously combined in this garden: the classical Italian tradition, the romantic inspiration of English-style gardens and local landscape characteristics. Box hedges, the favoured shrub in all Italian style gardens, are shaped in harmonious geometric designs creating neat pathways that guide the visitor towards viewpoints from which the whole property may be admired.

The garden combines Mediterranean flowers and exotic species with local plant and tree species, with the walkways being lined by citrus trees. This mixing is a characteristic of the Veronese landscape tradition that benefits from the mild climate guaranteed by the nearby Lake Garda which allows lemon groves to be planted even in hilly areas. A small belvedere at the edge of the garden protected by the thick vegetation offers a viewpoint over the Valpolicella and the property.