Typical products: Agriturismo near Pisa in Toscana, Casciana terme

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Typical products

In the last years the agricultural company has given a decisive contribution to the rebirth of the territory of the Pisane Hills, demonstrating that it was possible to produce in this zone products of quality in the respect of the agricultural tradition, a complex of factors: there are the land, the olive oil and fruit tree, the sun and the rain, but thre is also the human work that raises them and them cure, defends them from the diseases and collects their fruits, analyze, correct and sharpen the product. Difficult to appreciate and to estimate for example a wine without to know the processes with which it has been produced. This spirit remains to the base of identity of our company whose objective is to realize products characterizes to one very defined oneness.

Olive oil: near the agricultural company our customers will be able to taste and to acquire our oil extravirgin high-quality by unical property, so in its purer shape so aromatized with spezie produced rigorously in our company.

Wine and "Vinsanto": our company has a long wine tradition that is being renewed maintaining the use of vine-grow native, element necessary in order to obtain an endowed wine of an elegance and such complexity to be comparable of better from Tuscany wines. We have moreover a small production of "vinsanto" matured at least three years in barrique of rovere in the true respect of the wine tradition.

Jams farm products and court animals: our customers have the possibility to make a dive in the past, to make breakfast and to taste our jams, to take straight from straw bed of the hen, fresh eggs of day and take directly vegetables, simply taking a walk round our company.