Typical products: Agriturismo near Pisa in Toscana, Peccioli

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Typical products

Own produced oil IGP: from our olives, pick and pressed using traditional and natural methods, comes one of the most renowned and sought after oils in all of Tuscany. The quality and distinguishing traits of our extra-virgin oil result from the wide variety of secular trees and the excellent climatic and morphological conditions of the area.

Own produced wine: the farm and vineyards are found within the region known as ‘Chianti delle colline pisane’ (Chianti of the hills of Pisa). Our wines are accredited with the IGT mark and have been produced in our cellar for over thirty years with San Giovese, Trebbiano, Malvasia and Canaiolo grapes.

Grappa, vinsanto (Sweet white raisin wine), jams, cheeses, pasta: within the structure you can try personally produced vinsanto, grappa, as well as the more renowned Tuscan wines and a variety of typical products such as jam, honey, cheeses, pasta, etc.

You can also try our wines at the restaurant or directly at the apartments.

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