Hospitality: Agriturismo near Enna in Sicilia, Villarosa

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Apartments The farm San Giovannello has 7 house units with 20 beds. Each unit has air conditioning system, telephone, TV and some of them also have a kitchen with a refrigerator. All rooms, except the single ones have private bathroom and they are cosy and agreeable thanks to family furniture, carpets and pictures on the walls. House units: The “drinking trough” house is so called for its closeness to an old drinking trough . In the past it was the house of the engineers of the old sulphur mine called “Bartoccelli” and it was built in the XVIII century. When the mine was closed, the rooms were readapted and now this house unit has 4 rooms (2double rooms ,1 twin room and 1 single room) that can be rent all together or one by one.

The”Bella vista” room unit took this named like this for its position in the farm. It is in fact the most reserved room because it is located in a terrace that is in a dominant position towards San Giovannello valley and the hills in front of it. Once the room was part of the rabbit warren and the terrace was the old pigsty. The “Farm manager” room was once part of the farm workers house unit but then was lived in by the owners of the feud . the bedroom is now in the place of the old dining room while the entrance and the bathroom are situated where once there were the kitchen and the larder . It is now one of the most original house unit.

The “Arc” room takes its name for an old divisory arc between the two rooms that constitute this house unit and for this reason it could be utilized by 2 or 4 people. In The past two centuries, it was the house of the farm workers families of the “Bartoccelli “feud. Once ,this house unit was often used for the parties that the farm workers used to organize at the of the crop .In fact, it is still recognizable a shelf utilized to save more space possible. Before the restoration this house was also utilized as a wheat warehouse.

The “Grain” room is so called because it was used as a warehouse to store all the products cultivated and made in the farm as for instance vinegar, beans but above all the seed wheat , that the farm workers carefully separated from the grain plant and stored for the sowing season in the warehouse. The “Wine” room is a comfortable double room that once was part of the farm manager house unit.Nowadays this room is linked to the single “Oil” room by a corridor The two house units have a beautiful panorama of the valley.

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