Surroundings: Casa Vacanze near Siena in Toscana, Monticiano

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SIENA Noble and attractive for the genuine one, intact aspect medioevale, owes above all its architectural charm to the period of the Gothic art (1200-1300). It's famous for its Campo's Plazawhere two time in a year it's runned the "Palio" an ancient horses ricing. Here there is even the Tower of the Mangia. Then you can visit the historical site of MONTE DEI PASCHI bank. Then there are the Cathedral and a lot of important museums. ST. QUIRICO D'ORCIA Suburb of etruscian origin, rounded from sepulchres, that preserve a suggestive nucleus of medieval imprint in which it detaches the Collegiate one, built among the XII and the XIII century. S. ANTIMO The abbey of S.Atimo is one of the most suggestive Romanesque monuments in Tuscany, erect under the flows cistercensi in the sec XII. The vast suggestive inside is to three aisles on columns and pillars (to observe the capitals, partly in onyx). Indescribable the poetry of the valley and the sweetness of the hills.

MONTERIGGIONI Characteristic suburb on a high ground (m.274)built by the Senesis to the beginnings of the sec.XIII as outpost against Florence. Intact preserve the entourage of the thirteenth-century boundaries that they have a development of 570 meters and they are provided of 14 quadrilateral towers (Dante remembers her in the hell, XXXI 40-44). ST. GALGANO Suggestive downfall of one of the most beautiful italian churches. It was erect in Gothic forms in 1224-88 and it started to more seriously have ruined. Stately it is the inside, completely invaded by the lawn; marvelous and resplendent of light the tall median aisle appears, lacking of the collapsed times. Very interesting it is also the little church of S.Galgano, that rises nerby on the hill: of Romanesque structure (sec.XII), preserve in an attached hatful of Lorenzetti. MONTALCINO Encircled by medieval boundaries, it is risen on a hill that dominates the valleys of the Asso,Arbia, and 'Ombrone's Rivers. All around the vineyards that give the grape from which the famous Brunello production.

PIENZA You rises, suspended on a wide landscape, above a hill that dominates the Valley of the Orcia's river and it owes its name (city of Pious) to the humanist Enea Silvio Piccolomini, become Pious pope II. He, in fact, entrusted Bernard Rossellino and Leon Baptist Alberti to turn this place into a monument to his persona, in a city with stately buildings; so Pienza became a true jewel of architecture and Renaissance urbanism. The monumental center is represented by the Plaza Pious II, on which leans out the Cathedral, the Building Piccolomini, the Town hall and the Well of the Rossellino (XV sec). SEA You can be reached between Follonica and Point it Hauls one of the most beatiful beaches in Tuscany - Natural Park of the Uccellina, splendid natural oasis. Passing through a secular sea wood, where buffalos and horses maremmani is raised. MONTEPULCIANO Splendid town, that for its artistic and architectural vestigias she has been called "intact 1500", conserved Pearl its beauty. Climbing for the steep suburbs, the visitor will discover beautiful buildings and churches where the maximum architects of the Renaissance transfused their art. To see the splendid Great Plaza with the Cathedral from the incomplete facade and the Town Building; all around Renaissance buildings.Jumps the elegant massive structure of the temple of S. Biagio. Montepulciano is also center of vivacious activity culturale: tra the most known demonstration of the Bruscello.

MONTE ULIVETO MAGGIORE ABBEY Famous abbey and monument of art of the Senese that it rises solitary above a high ground to cypresses dominant the landscape of the "clays", it is the mother house of the Benedictine Olivetanis. It consists of a complex of buildings that it goes from the XIV to the XVIII sec.. to visit the Church and the Great Cloister with the famous frescos of the life of S.Benedetto owed to the Signorelli and the Sodoma that constitute one of the most greater complexes of Renaissance painting. Interesting also the Middle Cloister and the Small Cloister, the Refectory, the Pharmacy with an important harvest of vases of the XVII sec., and the precious Library for the ancient papers and parchments. Enchanting I break down natural and the landscape. SAN GIMIGNANO Picturesque town above a dominant hill the Valdelsa, for the intact medieval aspect characterized from the numerous towers and for monuments and treasures of art, it is one of the more suggestive tourist destinations in Tuscany. Enchanting they are the plazas and the piazzettes; particulary note is the Plaza of the Cistern. VOLTERRA City of severe aspect solitary medieval. It boasts notable monuments and archaeological collections and of art, inheritance of its past of powerful lucumonia etrusca. And' of sure interest therefore the visit to the Museum Etrusco. Center of the city is Plaza of the Prior, where it dominates the thick Building of the Prior, erect in the XIII sec. Also the Cathedral is to put between the XII and XIII sec.. Characteristic, in the shops of the city, the workmanship of the alabaster, stone typical of the zone. TYPICAL DISHES Deserving of mention is surely the local eno-gastronomic compartment, that finds here its center of production appreciated all over the world more of oliver oil and famous wines (Brunello and Red of Montalcino, Noble and Red of Montepulciano, Chianti, White Valdichiana...). The cousine of this zone is one of the most genuine and characterizes of Italy and it has, as typical dishes, roasted meats (known the beefsteak chianina to the irons) game, beans, bruschetta, reboiled, pici, cheese pecorino and other innumerable specialities pointed out by the specific guides of the single cities and that you can be tasted directely to the villa.