What to see near Margherita di Savoia: Relais near Barletta-Andria-Trani in Puglia, Margherita di savoia

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What to see near Margherita di Savoia

-Castel del Monte is a XIII century building built by Emperor Frederick II in Puglia, near Santa Maria del Monte 18 km from the city. It is situated on a hill in the western chain of the Murge mountains 540 meters above sea level It was listed as national monuments in Italian in 1936 and that of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1996. -Barletta is dominated by large medieval monuments. We can admire the Cathedral of Barletta, started around 1140 and enlarged in 1300, and the Swabian Castle of Barletta: characterized by four bastions that make it one of the most important strongholds in southern Italy. -Another symbol of Barletta is Eraclio, the giant. A bronze statue about 5 feet believed to be dating from the fifth century. Located in front of the left side of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre of Barletta, the work of Byzantine origins, probably depicts the Emperor Theodosius II and Valentinian I. Anyway many hypothesis have been made in all these years. - La Cantina della Disfida: rebuilt on the ground floor of a medieval building, reminiscent of the place where the French captain La Motte accused Italian soldiers of cowardice, resulting in challenge fought on neutral ground between Andria and Corato. The battle was won by the thirteen Italian soldiers led by Ettore Fieramosca. - Margherita di Savoia. There you can visit the nature reserve where you can see different species of birds such as flamingos, herons.... The Salt Museum, where you can learn information about the processing and transportation of salt. Margherita di Savoia is also known for its spa, offering therapeutic and chemical-pharmaceutical treatments.