The farmhouse: Camere in Agriturismo near Perugia in Umbria, Magione

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The farmhouse

The farmhouse is built entirely from local stone and is divided into two connected wings, which were built in two separate periods.

The southeast wing goes back to the early 1800s, and the north wing was constructed in the early 1900s; they harmonize perfectly into a single L-shaped building admirably situated so that it receives direct sunlight from dawn to dusk, glittering on the waters of Lake Trasimeno, creating an enchanting place for relaxation.

Entirely secluded (the village of Montesperello and the nearest farmhouse are 1 km away), the Cantico della Natura farmhouse stands in a clearing where centuries-old olive trees grow, and which opens onto the lake after passing through a wood. Fed by a perennial water spring that in the past filled the reservoirs of all of Montesperello, the farmhouse was home to a number of families all living together (about 20 persons) who grew olives and grain and raised livestock.

Many old-timers who were born and lived in the casale still remember the hard work and the pleasant evenings spent before the fireplace in the company of an accordion, and even today they enjoy taking part in the running of the farm.