Food and Gastronomy: Hotel 4 Stelle near Salerno in Campania, Ascea

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Food and Gastronomy

Close your eyes. Try to imagine seeing the sunset everyday, when the fisherman go to the sea and get fish from the beautiful blue sea or when the most fresh vegetables are taken from the vegetable gardens, this is our food. May you have never seen things like this before, but they’ll become reality on the tables of our restaurant. We’ll certainly surprise you with the diversity of our menu, based on the Mediterranean diet with the “slow food” philosophy. But if you want to know the secret to our dishes, we’ll tell you…quality.

The Dishes Gastronomy is directly linked to the Mediterranean diet: a regime which uses foods that haven’t been harvested using pesticides and other artificial chemical agents, which in turn reduces the chance of being ill, as well as reducing the amount of animal fats in the body, and reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes. The dishes are prepared using carefully chosen products, and served with brilliant wines. The greens and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and most of the fruits are locally produce, the pasta is hand made and the seafood and fish is from the nearby Tyrrhenian sea.

Wine Cellar We have a lot of traditional wines here, and also ethically aware products such as DOC and DOCG certificated wines, with their velvety tastes and delicate smells, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You will find locally produced wines from gorgeous countryside spots, as well as products on a more national level.

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