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Farmhouse - Salerno

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Vacation rental Costa degli Etruschi

Costa degli Etruschi

If you're planning a holiday at the sea in Tuscany, then the Costa degli Etruschi (Etruscan coast in English) is the most longed-for and suggestive destination, both from a natural and a cultural point of view. This historical area of Tuscany, which correspond to the coastline under the province of Livorno, usually referred to as Maremma Livornese, offers not only white beaches and clear waters to thousands of tourists which annually choose this destination for their holiday in Tuscany, but also archaeological sites and museums. The name Costa degli Etruschi, in fact, come from the Etruscan ...

Vacation rental in Garfagnana


Garfagnana, located in the province of Lucca in Tuscany, between Alpi Apuane (Apuan Alps) and the Apennines, is particularly renowned for the beauty and the variety of its landscape. If you decide to spend a holiday in agriturismo in Garfagnana, you'll surely be spoilt for choice among all the possible open-air activities to do: you may go trekking on Alpi Apuane tracks, go for a walk or a mountain bike excursion along Serchio river paths (which crosses Garfagnana from north to south).

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Lazio Accommodation - Farmhouses, Vacation Rentals, Agriturismo Lazio for ...

If you want to visit Rome and its museums, monuments and churches, then a holiday in Lazio agriturismo is the perfect solution for you. This region is worth your visit not only for all artistic beauties that the eternal city still preserves, but also for all beautiful places, both well-renowned and off the beaten track, that you may discover in other areas. You'll be invited to visit, in fact, Roman emperors villas, just to do an example, such as Villa Adriana ... >>