Typical products: Residence near Foggia in Puglia, Vieste

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Typical products

A Vieste Hill comes from olive of our Olive Oil Organic product with care by the Family Innangi. Olive trees grow in a pristine environment, 70 meters from the sea level, and are an integral part of the lush vegetation of the Gargano National Park.

The soil fertilized with organic fertilizers without the use of chemical elements along with handpicked make Organic Olive Oil of the owners of one of the Residence Typical Products Gargano high quality. The olives are not sprayed and machined cold on the day of collection for optimal conservation of their property.

Also this year it has introduced a novelty: the fruit is stoned to create a local product of Vieste unmistakable taste and higher quantities of natural antioxidants. Preservation in cans of 5 and 10 liters allows finally shipping all over Italy for this precious Olive Oil of Apulia.

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