Our cheese factory: Agriturismo near Pisa in Toscana, Volterra

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Our cheese factory

The work with the cheese dairy began in 1990 and follow the norms imposed from the CEE. We keep and develop the traditions of typical tastes of sheep breeding in Tuscany and we work only the milk of the sheep present on the farm. We produce also cheese pecorino made up of raw milk, not dealt thermally, like in the millenarian tradition of cheese making: those are type of cheese difficult to work, by now rare to find, but with an unmistakable taste, synthesis of technological rigor and ancient knowledge.

You will be able to choose between a wide range of different cheese: the fresh and delicate taste of Pecorino degli Sposi; the Rosso Volterrano, matured for 2 months, fragrant and intense, treated on surface for 2 months with tomato concentrate and olive oil; or still the characteritic Balze Volterrane, made of raw milk, matured in oak barrels and under ashes of olive trees, delicate and sharp, great with sweet wine; and then the Maschio, 180 days in cave, delicate and sharp; also the somptuous Cacio del Monsignore, made of raw milk, one year under wheat in a barrel, to eat together with a great red Tuscan wine. And then Ricotta, Raveggiolo, Baccellone, Tomini….

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