Surroundings: Appartamenti in Villa near Siena in Toscana, Sovicille

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SIENA (8 km.): One of the most beautiful cities in Italy and in the world thanks due to its artistic and cultural treasure, Siena has been built up over three hills in the center of Tuscany: this morphologic characteristic of the territory determined its hurbanistic development to an Y shape, characterized by strong unevennesses, tight and tortuose roads and unexpected openings on green valleys, in contact with the rich country full of vineries and olive trees of Chiantishare in the North, the large forests of the Montagnola area in the West and the barren and colorful Crete in the South. Jealosly closed into its red walls, Siena still has its medieval aspect that everybody can see in the roads, in the narrow alleys that go up to the Cathedral or go down in Pizza del Campo, the biggest and most famous square. The city is subdivided in “contrade " and they dispute the twice a year (2 July and 16 August) the race of Palio, one of the more ancient and famous folkloristic manifestations of Italy.

SAN GIMIGNANO (30 km.): One of the most known and appreciated towns in Tuscany. It is on the top of a hill of the Val d' Elsa. It has a city structure in medieval style and is completely enclosed within powerful walls built in the middle of 1200. There you can visit beautiful palaces and medieval churches. Besides its wonderful monuments, San Gimignano is also known for its wine produced in this area: Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

SAN GALGANO (20 km.): The complex is composed of Eremo or Rotonda di Montesiepi and the ruins of the great Abbey of Circestense di San Galgano. It is one of the most evocative places that can be found in Tuscany. While Rotonda di Montesiepi reminds you, with its Sword in the Rock, fixed by Saint Galgano (lived during the XII century), to the legend of King Artu, the great Abbey, with its Sacred Geometry, surprises you with secrets about music, egyptian and the Holy Graal too.

MONTERIGGIONI (10 km.): Nearly intact from 1200. Saved from ancient and modern wars, undefeatable fortress in the past and historical wonder in the present, sung also by Dante in his "La Divina Commedia", Monteriggioni is, with its 500 meters of walls and its 14 towers, one of the most fascinating places of Tuscany. It is in this wonderful medieval surrounding in summer takes place the festival "In Festa Monteriggioni di torri Si corona", which attracts not only interested people, but also simple tourists whom, going up to the Castle in order to admire the beauty of its walls, are suddenly in a of Medieval scene of extraordinary suggestion.