History & Places: Fattoria near Enna in Sicilia, Nicosia

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History & Places

The Nicosia area is unique not least because many different Italian dialects are spoken here due to the to the high level of immigration from certain regions in Italy centuries ago, the main regions being Lombardy, Monferrato, and Liguria. Of course, Sicilian is also spoken, which is renowned for its charm and expressiveness.

The area is rich in culture, having some of the most beautiful churches and buildings of its era, and were designed and constucted by some of the most talented people available.

The Saint Nicolas Cathedral is an amazing example of Gothic architecture in Sicily, and is especially beautiful as the roof is painted in different colours.

But the city areas aren't the only places to go here, there are places of natural beauty, little lakes, Mount Campanito Sambughetti, and numerous areas of greenery and forest.