Alberese 1145

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Rooms in Farmhouse - Tuscany - Grosseto - Alberese

Number of Beds: 24

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Rooms in Farmhouse: Our Products

Rooms in Farmhouse Our Products A holiday at Alberese 1145 means taking a step back in time to enjoy a taste and pace of life that almost no longer exists, when families used to get together on special occasions at grandma and grandpa’s house. And special occasions were always accompanied by a special lunch, with its characteristic aromas and genuine flavours. Vegetables, meat, sauces and sweets: each with its own unique aroma and flavour.

Rooms in Farmhouse Our Products At Alberese 1145, things haven't changed. We're still doing it for our family first and foremost, spending time every year making preserves to be eaten the following year: oil, wine, jams, honey, tomato sauce and vegetable preserves. And we're more than happy to do it for anyone who comes to stay or comes back to visit as well. The organic farming methods we have adopted on our 10 hectares of land means we don’t use chemical fertilizers or herbicides and practice appropriate agricultural techniques (crop rotation, organic fertilizers, alfalfa plants grown for three years to increase organic nitrogen content of the soil) instead, not to mention using seeds with excellent organoleptic properties that are better suited to our soil. We use our home-grown fruit: peaches, cherries, pears, apples, figs, plums, apricots, grapes and persimmons to make jams, cakes and a few of our liqueurs ("maraschello").

Rooms in Farmhouse Our Products We use our vegetables: artichokes, asparagus, tomatoes, green beans, courgettes, pumpkin, aubergines, bell peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard, melon, watermelon etc. to prepare the many specialities of the natural Mediterranean diet as well as vegetable preserves and sauces. Our grapes go into our wine (ciliegiolo, sangiovese and trebbiano). With our olives we make oil, both normal and spicy versions (using a few chilli peppers).

Rooms in Farmhouse Our Products We use our grains to make the flour that goes into our pasta, cakes, savoury pies and soups. We use the pulses to make soups and traditional dishes. The dried fruit, pine nuts and walnuts that we grow are used in cakes and to make the traditional "Nocino" liqueur. We use chicken and rabbit to make some of the culinary specialties of our area (along with the wild boar that we get from hunter friends). We also like to gather fruit, berries, leaves and wild herbs (jujube, wild fennel, laurel and myrtle) to use in traditional liqueurs. Our guests can see every plant for themselves and gather fruit and vegetables to take on their trips to sea or in the park.

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