Wellness centre: Camere in Agriturismo near Perugia in Umbria, Magione

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Wellness centre

For lovers of total well-being, beyond nature and its song, the well-being centre represents an area of immense pleasure. Created in the area resembles an old underground wine cellar with the use of fine wood on the floor and covered in stones from Assisi, it is an harmonious mix of traditional atmosphere and modern comfort, offered exclusively, if booked in advance, to one couple only, or to families, for complete and intimate relaxation, with the possibility of creating your own well-being journey there or continuing it at home by purchasing some of our well-being products.

Together with the single rooms (where a personalised service is even more intimate thanks to the use of transportable beds) the massage room represents the place where you can use the range of treatments and massages which use extra-virgin olive oil (accompanied by wine and chocolate). Produced directly by the business, the "Oro verde" has always represented a refined element for beauty treatment and relaxation. The rest area is an area at the exit where you can rest, seated on the ceramic tables from Deruta, tasting a fine local wine, perhaps one that you had already tasted in the Turkish bath...

The hydro massage bath is produced with the technology of the Jacuzzi it offers various possibilities of caressing your body with personalised rhythms. Linked to a relaxation space where you can rest.

The fitness space is equipped with bikes, treadmills and a multi-use gym, it provides the right exercise for your muscles. Relaxing upon the seats, the shower and the little fountain in old stone reminds the senses of the natural environment. The air is lightened by the natural aromas which can be chosen from those derived from olive oil and from wine, the main products of our land, which we love to recommend: a bath at Sagrantino in Montefalco is an experience which makes life worth living.