Surroundings: Villa near Perugia in Umbria, Città di Castello

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The Upper Tiber valley is the area situated at the northern most part of Umbria, on the border of Tuscany and the Marches. Every single town and village in the valley boasts an artistic and cultural heritage of great importance. Historical buildings, churches, castles, abbeys and chapels are the welcoming homes to works by Raphael, Piero della Francesca, Signorelli, Della Robbia, Vasari and many other artists who have left their mark with their talent. Two rare collections dedicated to Alberto Burri in Città di Castello document the artistic development of one of the most significant masters of contemporary art. Moreover, festivals and events of national importance in the various fields of music, handicrafts, sport, folklore and gastronomy attract a great number of visitors to the area each year. The most important boroughs and towns to visit in the surrounding area are: Anghiari, Arezzo, Assisi, Città di Castello, Cortona, Gubbio, Perugia, Montone, Sansepolcro, S. Maria. degli Angeli, Todi.